Connector Toolkit - Video Resources

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RMPP Action Network - why get involved

Animated Video - 2.46 minutes

A short animated video describing why its a good idea to get involved in RMPP Action Network and what it might look like for a farm business.

Small group learning module

Step through the learning module and gain insights into what effective small group learning looks like

David & Sarah Smith - short version of video

Video - 2.46 minutes

A quick look at the value East Otago farmers, David and Sarah Smith, have got out of being a part of the RMPP Extension Design project.

David & Sarah Smith - long version of video

Video - 6.49 minutes

An indepth look into what East Otago farmers, David and Sarah Smith, have achieved through being a a part of the RMPP Extension Design Project.

RMPP - The Power of Partnerships

Video - 3.04 minutes

An overarching video resource discussing RMPP and what we are wanting to achieve for our sector

RMPP extension system model - explainer video

Video - 4.19 minutes

RMPP have done a lot of research with farmers and how best they take up knowledge and turn that into action on-farm.  Out of this research the RMPP Extension System was developed.  Click here to watch a video about how it has been created.


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