This page contains detailed guidelines and information to support farmers and rural professionals to connect into RMPP Action Network.  If you have a group of farmers ready to register as an Action Group, create an online account and register the group here.

New resources will be added as they become available. Please contact RMPP if you have any questions that are not answered below.

For farmers

Farmers determine the structure and rules of their Action Group and how the group spends its fund. Use the resources below to connect into RMPP Action Network.

The three videos below outline useful resources developed for farmers and rural professionals. They cover online learning modules, business planning and a calculator of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

For connectors

Connectors bring individual farm businesses together to form an Action Group. They may also identify expertise to help with an Action Group's chosen subjects. 

For facilitators

Information for rural professionals and farmers who want to become Action Group facilitators, including training required is here.

Subject matter experts

Subject matter experts help support Action Groups as part of extension activity or adoption support/follow-up. Their job is to challenge or inform on their specialist subject and balance telling with listening and support.

Primary contact farmers

Every Action Group will nominate one farmer to be a primary contact farmer. 

The primary contact farmer is like the ‘captain’ of the sports team, representing the Action Group.

For mentors

Mentors provide the practical experience and guidance to support farm teams to make changes on-farm. The mentor is often an experienced farmer or rural professional who acts as a sounding board for ideas and guides decision-making.

Learning modules


KPI tools


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