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Action Network funding approach change

B+LNZ (25 January 2021)

Following the end of the Red Meat Profit Partnership Action Network programme on 31st March 2021, the Action Group model will become a core part of B+LNZ’s extension programme. Read More

NZFAP Plus benefits sheep and beef farmers

Rural News (21 January 2021)

A new voluntary sustainability and continuous improvement standard developed by the Red Meat Profit Partnership (RMPP) has been piloted by sheep and beef farmers.

Building on the success of the New Zealand Farm Assurance Programme (NZFAP), the piloted NZFAP Plus Standard covers land and water management, greenhouse gases (GHG), biodiversity, biosecurity and people management.

33 farmers took part in the pilot programme to determine the achievability, cost and benefits of the draft standard, with the results highlighting support for the initiative and potential gains. The farmers also provided valuable insights that will help with programme implementation. Read More

Benefits to action group obvious

Rural Life (20 January 2021)

Upper Clutha farmer Sarah Jamieson says being part of a Red Meat Profit Partnership Action Group is "amazing".

"There is a lot of regulation swirling around us about environmental requirements. All of us know what is coming, but we were all in the same boat of not really knowing where to start," she said.

"Having the action group framework has enabled a group of like-minded people to get together, to come up with goals and actions and to keep one another accountable. It is not hard work doing it because you are all in the same space, with the same drive and motivation." Read More

The power of good facilitation

Rural News (14 January 2021)

“Without a facilitator, we would just have done that farmer thing and sat round, shuffled our feet and waited for someone else to say something,” says Red Meat Profit Partnership (RMPP) Action Group member Reece Cleland.

Cleland, who farms sheep and beef cattle at Springfield in Central Canterbury, is part of an RMPP Action Group focused on members better understanding their farm finances and lifting productivity. Read More

Tangible benefits from RMPP

NZfarmlife.com (November 2020)

As attention shifts to how the new Labour Government might help fund the farming sector to adopt ever more rigorous environmental standards, a former model of support for industry transformation is coming to an end with the Red Meat Profit Partnership PGP due to expire in March, 2021.

A comprehensive evaluation of the RMPP programme has been completed to better understand its overall impact, and whether the initial lofty goals of driving transformational change within the sector have been achieved. The numbers suggest the government’s investment has been worth it, but the focus is now on whether the successful initiatives will be sustained by the industry. Read More

Staying ahead of the game

Rural News (18 November 2020)

High-performing farmers are front-footing challenges facing the sheep and beef sector and adapting their businesses, according to new research by the Red Meat Profit Partnership (RMPP). Read More

Driving change on some of our most remote farms

Farmers Weekly / Beef+Lamb NZ (9 November 2020)

Ruby Mulinder, Red Meat Profit Partnership Action Network facilitator and FarmWise Consultant at LIC, visited the Chatham Islands to support those farming on one of the country's most remote locations.

I’m one of those people who ideas often come to at night – and it was a 2am thought that struck me – had farmers on our most remote islands had the opportunity to benefit from one of our most effective extension programmes? Read more

What drives high-performing farms?

Farmers Weekly (2 November 2020)

New research has revealed attention to detail, measuring and recording performance and consistency of execution are critical to driving high-performing sheep and beef farms.
The research commissioned by the Red Meat Profit Partnership (RMPP) and carried out by UMR Research suggests high-performing sheep and beef farmers are front footing the challenges facing their sector. Read more

Strategic planning a key focus for action group member

Rrual News (20 October 2020)

Red Meat Profit Partnership (RMPP) Action Group member Charlie Riddell says while there have been good lessons from the subject matter experts, he has learned just as much from other members of the group. Read more

Taihape farmers thriving in RMPP Action Group

Farmers Weekly (13 October 2020)

“Setting goals, going about them and actually seeing results gives you a huge confidence boost,” says farmer Dan Cottrell, who is part of a Red Meat Profit Partnership (RMPP) Action Group based in Taihape. 

Cottrell says being involved in a small group has been really beneficial for his business, providing a good opportunity not only to be part of, but to get together as a group of farmers to share expertise from various people and engage experts of our choosing. Read more

Tararua Action Group farm on track to reach goals

Country Wide Sheep (October 2020)

Andy and Nic Gardiner have significantly lifted their Tararua farm business’s gross revenue over the past three years. They have improved ewes’ body condition and lamb birthweights, are docking more lambs, and boosting lamb survival to sale. Read more

RMPP programme to boost farm profits

Farmers Weekly (16 September 2020)

Independent research has revealed the productive benefit of the Red Meat Profit Partnership (RMPP) will lift farm profits by almost $100 million by 2025. Read more

RMPP Action Network programme extended

Farmers Weekly  (26 August 2020)

The Red Meat Profit Partnership (RMPP) Action Network programme has been extended until early next year. 

“The extension is great news for those farmers interested in improving their on-farm productivity and profitability and we’re encouraging new farm businesses to get involved in the programme,” RMPP chair Malcolm Bailey said.  Read more

Thanks for sharing: Open minds on-farm

Te Puke Times (16 July 2020)

Rural Te Puke is the home of the Central Bay of Plenty Red Meat Profit Partnership (RMPP) Action Group. The group has a strong focus on farm business performance and the environment, as well as the various steps members have taken as a result of being part of the group. Read more on page 12 here

Action Groups carry on-line

Rural News (14 July 2020)

Red Meat Profit Partnership (RMPP) Action Group facilitator John Stantiall was unsure, at the start of the Covid-19 lockdown, how meetings could work. "But then I discovered Zoom and farmers adapted to that far better than I expected," he says. Read more on page 24 here

Action Network programme extension

Beef + Lamb New Zealand in conjunction with the Red Meat Profit Partnership, its partners and the Ministry for Primary Industries are pleased to advise that the Action Network programme has been extended until 31 March 2021. Read more  

Taihape RMPP Action Group setting goals and seeing results

Beef + Lamb New Zealand e-diary (3 July 2020)

“Setting goals, going about them and actually seeing results gives you a huge confidence boost,” says farmer Dan Cottrell, who is part of a Red Meat Profit Partnership Action Group based at Taihape. Read more

Regenerative farmers enjoying greener pastures

Otago Daily Times/NZ Herald, The Country (24 June 2020)

A common misconception around regenerative agriculture is that it is purely based on ideology, Tim Blackler, facilitator for the Regenerative Agriculture South Otago Red Meat Profit Partnership Action Group, says. Read more

Farmer group aims for 150% lambing

Southern Rural Life (10 June 2020)

A group of southern farmers is working towards improving production — without the need for more land or higher inputs — by achieving 150% hogget lambing. Read more

Profound results for Action Group focused on benchmarking and lifting performance

Beef + Lamb New Zealand e-diary (27 May 2020) and Farmers Weekly (17 August 2020)

"This Action Group is different from most others in that our members decided from the outset to focus on benchmarking,” says Steven Howarth, facilitator of the King Country AgFirst Red Meat Profit Partnership (RMPP) Action Group. "Rather than regularly bringing subject matter experts in, our members opted to put their resources into the use of Farmax. It has worked very well for them. Read more

Eyes open to different ways of farm ownership

Rural News (19 May 2020)

Farmer Jane Smith was 'blown away' by the group dynamic and drive when she and husband Blair hosted the North Otago-based Growth and Development in Farming Action Group at Newhaven Farms in Oamaru. Read more about this group on pages 20-21, click here

Rural professionals build skills to support farmers

Farmers Weekly (13 May 2020) and Beef + Lamb New Zealand e-diary (9 May 2020)

A group of Canterbury rural professionals have joined forces to develop their skills in helping local farmers make positive changes on-farm. Read more

Southland sheep and beef Action Group put learnings into action

Beef + Lamb e-diary (19 March 2020) and Southland Times (28 March 2020)

Sheep and beef farmer Brendon Hargest is already making changes on-farm as a result of being part of a Red Meat Profit Partnership (RMPP) Action Group. “We feel we understand a lot more about pasture management and quality vs quantity and how we can improve that side of things,” he says. Read more here

Group involvement leads to lamb weight gains

Southern Rural Life (5 February 2020)

Bill McCall's average lamb carcass weights grew from 17-17.4kg to 18kg last summer as a result of taking part in an RMPP Action Group. Now he's hoping further steps, made as a result of work undertaken through the group, will also reduce lamb losses this season.  Read more (on page 21) here

National Action Group sharing learnings to help move farming forward

“Change is one of those things that most of us know we have to go through but a lot of us fear it – particularly in agriculture,” says farmer Fraser Avery.  Read more

B+LNZ takes on Action Network

Farmers Weekly (9 December 2019)

The Red Meat Profit Partnership Action Network has moved Beef + Lamb control before the Primary Growth Partnership programme ends in September. Read more 

Top farmers are still learning

Farmers Weekly (14 November 2019)

A high-performing group of East Coast farmers taking part in an Action Group are focused on learning more about diversifying their businesses. Read more.

Farmer group is all action

Rural News (7 November 2019)

Firing up effective farm health and safety plans is helping King Country farmers who joined a Red Meat Profit Partnership (RMPP) Action Group based around Ongarue. Read more.

Action groups motivate farmers

Farmers Weekly (3 October 2019)

Working together to gain access to high-level agriculture and business expertise is already leading to efficiency gains for a group of Hawke’s Bay farmers. Read more.

Farmers aim for carbon-zero target

New Zealand Herald, Hawkes Bay Today (29 August 2019)

A group of high-performing Hawke's Bay farmers have developed carbon-zero planting programmes for their farms in a unique display of initiative in an Action Group established a year ago. Read more.

Ideas and expertise freely shared

Rural News (19 August 2019)

Ben Trotter, Action Group facilitator and member of an Otago Action Group says that 'the real power of the RMPP Network is in people talking and collaborating." Read more.

Action Groups breed confidence

Northern Advocate and Whanganui Chronicle (1 August 2019)

By banding together, farmers are finding they can access a broad range of expertise.  Read more.

Soil carbon builders pool resources with other Action Groups to bring in overseas expert

Otago Daily Times, Rural Life (15 July 2019)

Collaborating with other Red Meat Profit Partnership (RMPP) Action Groups enabled a group of Otago farmers to bring a world-renowned holistic management instructor from South Africa to run a two-day workshop. Read more

Action group helps vet’s work

Farmers Weekly (7 June 2019)

Rural vet Ginny Dodunski says her Red Meat Profit Partnership facilitator training is proving valuable in her work as well as for the action group she is working with. Read more

Key to Action Group success

Country Wide (May 2019)
Access to experts with specific skills to add value to farming businesses is a primary outcome from the Red Meat Profit Partnership (RMPP) Action Groups, facilitator Sarah Bell says.  

Action groups following different paths

Otago Daily Times, Rural Life (21 March 2019)

More than 900 farmers have signed up to the Red Meat Profit Partnership (RMPP) Action Network to help make their farming businesses more productive and profitable.  Read more.

Action Group think is paying dividends

Farmers Weekly (15 March 2019)

Like-minded farmers working together to improve their businesses' productivity and profitability is paying dividends, Southland sheep farmer Pete Thomson, who's part of a Red Meat Profit Partnership Action Group, says. Read more

A chance to do it differently

Northern Advocate (7 March 2019)

Rural professional John King believes traditions and customs rob farmers of profitability. 'You need to question yourself, and that questioning is a big part of what the RMPP Action Network is all about.' Read more

Ideas coming thick and fast at RMPP Action Network

Rural News (6 January 2019)
Farmers are reported to have joined a Red Meat Profit Partnership (RMPP) Action Group at Rangiwahia to upskill the people in their businesses and boost their profitability. Read more

Farmers act on sustainability

Farmers Weekly (6 December 2018)
Taihape farmers are exploring ways to ensure environmental sustainability while improving the profits from their sheep and beef farms. Read more

New role too good to ignore

Rural News (6 December 2018)
Brendon Patchett, RMPP Action Network Project Manager talks about his role with RMPP and why it was an opportunity too good to ignore.  Read more 

RMPP Action group offers food for thought to Hawke's Bay farmers

NZ Herald (15 November 2018)Click here to read about Hawke's Bay farmers that are looking to improve feed budgeting skills and have already made on-farm changes since joining a Red Meat Profit Partnership (RMPP) Action Group.

RMPP Action Groups - sign up while funding lasts

Stuff (23 October 2018)
Click here to read about farmers being encouraged to get in quick as funding for the Red Meat Profit Partnership (RMPP) action groups runs out in 2020.

Action Groups are still growing

Farmers Weekly (31 August 2018)
Click here to read about more than 700 farm businesses that have joined RMPP Action Network Groups with more than half them in three regions. Most groups have been formed in Waikato-Bay of Plenty with 133, Canterbury 118 and Otago 114.

RMPP Action Group a game changer

NZ Herald (30 August 2018)
Click here to read about a new RMPP Action Group in Hawke's Bay that focuses on personal development and has already helped one farming couple make positive changes to their business after only two meetings.

Group aims for measurable gains

Farmers Weekly (15 August 2018)
Click here to read about a diverse group of King Country farmers who have formed an RMPP Action Group to focus on benchmarking and using Farmax software.

Action Groups offer great learning opportunities

Rural News (10 August 2018)
Click here
to read about John Stantiall who facilitates five lower North Island Action Groups that offer real value to farmers. 

Farmer groups must lead change

Farmers Weekly (23 July 2018)
Click here to read about RMPP Action Network's work to drive sustainable productivity improvements in the sheep and beef sector to deliver higher on-farm profitability.

Farmers must get in behind

Farmers Weekly (20 July 2018)
Click here to read about northern South Island Farmer Council chairman James Hoban's encouragement of Canterbury farmers to get involved in Action Groups. 

Farmers encouraged to join Action Groups

The Country (25 June 2018)
Click here to listen to RMPP Chairman, Malcolm Bailey, explain why RMPP has set up farmer-led Action Groups and how farmers and the red meat sector will benefit. 

RMPP: Brainstorm ideas to increase profitability

Otago Daily Times (20 June 2018)
Click here to read about how RMPP is supporting opportunities for farmers to bring new ideas to the table.

New Action Network connects farmers with experts

Rural Exchange (3 June 2018)
Click here to listen to RMPP Chairman, Malcolm Bailey, explain how groups of farmers are identifying common problems, then working together to come up with solutions. 

The farm Action Group that 'crunches in action'

NZ Farmer (30 May 2018)
Click here to read about a group of North Otago farmers working to increase productivity and profitability through RMPP Action Network.

Action Groups want more profit

Farmers Weekly (24 May 2018)
Click here to read about farmers who are converting ideas into action as they form Action Groups under RMPP Action Network.  

How to lift farm performance with small tweaks

NZ Farmer (8 November 2017)
Click here to read more about brothers, Matt and Joe McRae and how they have achieved success through small changes to their system.

Red meat pilot project inspires full review

NZ Farmer (18 October 2017)
Click here to read more about RMPP pilot farmers, David and Sarah Smith and the awesome achievements they have made in the past couple of years.

Small changes pay off big for Bulleids

NZ Farmer (11 October 2017)
Click here to read about one of our pilot farmers and the gains they are making on their farm in Southland.

Farmers see gains from Red Meat Profit Partnership

NZ Herald (19 June 2017)
RMPP Action Network, amongst other initiatives are starting to be implemented and the sector are seeing the gains. Click here for more.


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