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Farmers aim for carbon-zero target

New Zealand Herald, Hawkes Bay Today (29 August 2019)

A group of high-performing Hawke's Bay farmers have developed carbon-zero planting programmes for their farms in a unique display of initiative in an Action Group established a year ago. Read more.

Ideas and expertise freely shared

Rural News (19 August 2019)

Ben Trotter, Action Group facilitator and member of an Otago Action Group says that 'the real power of the RMPP Network is in people talking and collaborating." Read more.

Action Groups breed confidence

Northern Advocate and Whanganui Chronicle (1 August 2019)

By banding together, farmers are finding they can access a broad range of expertise.  Read more.

Soil carbon builders pool resources with other Action Groups to bring in overseas expert

Otago Daily Times, Rural Life (15 July 2019)

Collaborating with other Red Meat Profit Partnership (RMPP) Action Groups enabled a group of Otago farmers to bring a world-renowned holistic management instructor from South Africa to run a two-day workshop. Read more

Action group helps vet’s work

Farmers Weekly (7 June 2019)

Rural vet Ginny Dodunski says her Red Meat Profit Partnership facilitator training is proving valuable in her work as well as for the action group she is working with. Read more

Key to Action Group success

Country Wide (May 2019)
Access to experts with specific skills to add value to farming businesses is a primary outcome from the Red Meat Profit Partnership (RMPP) Action Groups, facilitator Sarah Bell says.  

Action groups following different paths

Otago Daily Times, Rural Life (21 March 2019)

More than 900 farmers have signed up to the Red Meat Profit Partnership (RMPP) Action Netowrk to help make their farming businesses more productive and profitable.  Read more.

Action Group think is paying dividends

Farmers Weekly (15 March 2019)

Like-minded farmers working together to improve their businesses' productivity and profitability is paying dividends, Southland sheep farmer Pete Thomson, who's part of a Red Meat Profit Partnership Action Group, says. Read more

A chance to do it differently

Northern Advocate (7 March 2019)

Rural professional John King believes traditions and customs rob farmers of profitability. 'You need to question yourself, and that questioning is a big part of what the RMPP Action Network is all about.' Read more

Ideas coming thick and fast at RMPP Action Network

Rural News (6 January 2019)
Farmers are reported to have joined a Red Meat Profit Partnership (RMPP) Action Group at Rangiwahia to upskill the people in their businesses and boost their profitability. Read more

Farmers act on sustainability

Farmers Weekly (6 December 2018)
Taihape farmers are exploring ways to ensure environmental sustainability while improving the profits from their sheep and beef farms. Read more

New role too good to ignore

Rural News (6 December 2018)
Brendon Patchett, RMPP Action Network Project Manager talks about his role with RMPP and why it was an opportunity too good to ignore.  Read more 

RMPP Action group offers food for thought to Hawke's Bay farmers

NZ Herald (15 November 2018)
Click here
to read about Hawke's Bay farmers that are looking to improve feed budgeting skills and have already made on-farm changes since joining a Red Meat Profit Partnership (RMPP) Action Group.

RMPP Action Groups - sign up while funding lasts

Stuff (23 October 2018)
Click here to read about farmers being encouraged to get in quick as funding for the Red Meat Profit Partnership (RMPP) action groups runs out in 2020.

Action Groups are still growing

Farmers Weekly (31 August 2018)
Click here to read about more than 700 farm businesses that have joined RMPP Action Network Groups with more than half them in three regions. Most groups have been formed in Waikato-Bay of Plenty with 133, Canterbury 118 and Otago 114.

RMPP Action Group a game changer

NZ Herald (30 August 2018)
Click here to read about a new RMPP Action Group in Hawke's Bay that focuses on personal development and has already helped one farming couple make positive changes to their business after only two meetings.

Group aims for measurable gains

Farmers Weekly (15 August 2018)
Click here to read about a diverse group of King Country farmers who have formed an RMPP Action Group to focus on benchmarking and using Farmax software.

Action Groups offer great learning opportunities

Rural News (10 August 2018)
Click here
to read about John Stantiall who facilitates five lower North Island Action Groups that offer real value to farmers. 

Farmer groups must lead change

Farmers Weekly (23 July 2018)
Click here to read about RMPP Action Network's work to drive sustainable productivity improvements in the sheep and beef sector to deliver higher on-farm profitability.

Farmers must get in behind

Farmers Weekly (20 July 2018)
Click here to read about northern South Island Farmer Council chairman James Hoban's encouragement of Canterbury farmers to get involved in Action Groups. 

Farmers encouraged to join Action Groups

The Country (25 June 2018)
Click here to listen to RMPP Chairman, Malcolm Bailey, explain why RMPP has set up farmer-led Action Groups and how farmers and the red meat sector will benefit. 

RMPP: Brainstorm ideas to increase profitability

Otago Daily Times (20 June 2018)
Click here to read about how RMPP is supporting opportunities for farmers to bring new ideas to the table.

New Action Network connects farmers with experts

Rural Exchange (3 June 2018)
Click here to listen to RMPP Chairman, Malcolm Bailey, explain how groups of farmers are identifying common problems, then working together to come up with solutions. 

The farm Action Group that 'crunches in action'

NZ Farmer (30 May 2018)
Click here to read about a group of North Otago farmers working to increase productivity and profitability through RMPP Action Network.

Action Groups want more profit

Farmers Weekly (24 May 2018)
Click here to read about farmers who are converting ideas into action as they form Action Groups under RMPP Action Network.  

How to lift farm performance with small tweaks

NZ Farmer (8 November 2017)
Click here to read more about brothers, Matt and Joe McRae and how they have achieved success through small changes to their system.

Red meat pilot project inspires full review

NZ Farmer (18 October 2017)
Click here to read more about RMPP pilot farmers, David and Sarah Smith and the awesome achievements they have made in the past couple of years.

Small changes pay off big for Bulleids

NZ Farmer (11 October 2017)
Click here to read about one of our pilot farmers and the gains they are making on their farm in Southland.

Farmers see gains from Red Meat Profit Partnership

NZ Herald (19 June 2017)
RMPP Action Network, amongst other initiatives are starting to be implemented and the sector are seeing the gains. Click here for more.


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