For rural professionals

Rural professionals can participate in the RMPP Action Network by facilitating Action Groups, providing expert advice or by connecting groups of farmers together to form an Action Group. You can be both a connector and a facilitator.

To become a facilitator in RMPP Action Network, you will need to complete two facilitator training workshops -  Lead Facilitator and the Action Network Fundamentals and Extension Design. Register for a workshop here.

Become an Action Group facilitator

Each Action Group needs a trained facilitator who helps the group form and work effectively together. The facilitator organises and runs activities on behalf of the group, as defined in the group's Extension Plan. They can also help identify any support farm teams may need in adopting and making practice change on-farm.

If you would like to build your skills and become an RMPP Action Network facilitator you'll need to complete two facilitation training workshops. Find out more here.

Become a connector

A connector initiates the RMPP Action Network process with farmers by identifying who might benefit from joining an Action Group, then bringing those farm businesses together. Anyone with understanding of
how RMPP Action Network works can be a connector, e.g. a rural professional or a farmer. 

If you are interested in becoming a connector we recommend that you:

Do you have a group of farmers ready to register as an Action Group?  If so, you can create an online account and register the Action Group here.


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