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For farmers - why connect?

Farmers were at the core of RMPP Action Network. Farmers determined the structure and rules of their Action Group and decided how the group spent its funds. They identified farm business opportunities that were of benefit to the group and included these in the group's Extension Plan.

Farm businesses committed to RMPP Action Network could expect:

  • a professionally-facilitated, results-focused small group supporting their business through change
  • less risk to their business with up to $4,000 kick-start funding and external support. From 10 August 2020 the kick-start funding amount was up to $2,000 per farm business.
  • help finding solutions to support their business in a changing world
  • connection to trusted, independent expertise
  • to tap into the knowledge and experience of other farmers.

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Action Groups and earlier RMPP research.

An example of how it worked

Farmers, Sarah and Tim, were invited to join RMPP Action Network alongside seven other farm businesses who were interested in finding out more about sheep feeding and grazing management.

They were allocated $4,000 per farm business so had $32,000 to run their group. With the help of a trained facilitator who was paid out of the group fund they pulled together a plan of activities they wanted to run during the year and what expertise they wanted to bring in.

This plan was approved by RMPP.

Over the year the group brought in several specialists to talk with them and offer advice. These were paid for out of the group’s fund. The individual farm businesses had their own goals and the facilitator, experts and other farmers in the group were able to support them all in achieving these. 

They reviewed their plan with the facilitator and developed their second year plan, this time looking at environmental considerations as their regional plan had changed recently.

Interested in being involved in a B+LNZ Action Group?

Beef + Lamb New Zealand support the establishment and running of Action Groups.  To learn how to get involved go to https://beeflambnz.com/action-groups for more information, email actiongroupinfo@beeflambnz.com or telephone 0800 733 632. 


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