Facilitator toolkit

Below are resources for download and use by RMPP Action Network facilitators in their work with Action Groups. 

RMPP extension model

Extension guidelines

An overview of:
- RMPP Extension model                     
- Designing an extension programme
- Becoming a successful connector     
- Becoming a successful facilitator
- Running a successful event               
- Evaluating extension programmes
- Evaluating extension activities 

Facilitator handbook

Guidelines for forming and running an Action Group

Designing effective extension activities for farmers

Checklist for facilitating Action Groups

Checklist to help you work through the process of forming and running an Action Group

Example runsheet

A useful tool for the first Action Group meeting (features a sticky wall exercise covered at the RMPP Action Network Fundamental course)

Small group learning module

Step through the learning module and gain insights into what effective small group learning looks like

Online learnings from RMPP

A collection of advice sheets and helpful resources for those looking to working with farmers and/or rural professionals online 

KPI booklet

A core set of Key Performance Indicators for measuring the performance of red meat farming businesses

Example flyer

Outline of pre-work for an Action Group activity (can be re-worked and changed for each topic)

Extension Plan template

A tool to use for the development of an Extension Plan

Extension Plan example

Example of a completed Extension Plan

Farm Action Plan template

How to create a Farm Action Plan

Getting a Farm Action Plan started

Ideas on how to get a farm business to start their Farm Action Plan

How to complete our online surveys

Taking Ownership of Your Financials workshop

A four-hour workshop aimed at helping farmers understand their financial statements, how they are structured and where to find key information.  Covers the three KPIs required for the farm Action Plan.

RMPP Action Network sample tax invoice

Sample tax invoice that shows the information that is required on any RMPP Action Network invoice sent to RMPP for payment


Guide to getting paid to support an Action Group

Action Group or discussion group

The difference between the two

Top tips

Tips from facilitator observations 

Code of ethics

Outline of the RMPP Action Network facilitator Code of Ethics

Opening a bank account

Guidelines from ANZ Bank on Action Groups opening a bank account

Deane Carson shares what he learnt from being involved in the Alliance young farmer pilot group.

Deane Carson talks about the benefits for his business in connecting and facilitating Action Groups.

Alan McDermott from ANZCO talks about key aspects of the first meeting of an Action Group.

Alan McDermott from ANZCO explains the value of Action Groups based on his experience so far.


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