Being a facilitator - What is the role?

RMPP Facilitator Role Description

Purpose of Position

The purpose of a RMPP Action Network Facilitator is to help an Action Group form and work effectively together. This includes:

  • Helping farmers/farm businesses understand the complex decisions they are making;
  • Enabling an Action Group to identify their purpose/objective;
  • Helping to identify the topics the group wants to focus on (both individually, known as their Action Plan and as the group).
  • Overseeing development of a programme of targeted extension activities (known as the Extension Plan).
  • Helping identify and providing (where suitable), the critical adoption support required by the individuals and/or group to help give the farmers the confidence to make their desired changes on farm.

For the RMPP Action Network, Facilitators will have skills or qualifications that meet a standard, their performance will be monitored in an appropriate way, there will be means for addressing quality issues and on-going training and development will be available.

Core Skills & Knowledge Required

The skills and knowledge required for successful facilitation of an Action Group include the ability to:

  • Ask the right questions to help farmers identify and articulate the issues affecting the farm and business performance and the steps that would lead to successful outcomes for them (ie. a Needs Analysis); 
  • Establish farmers’ existing levels of knowledge;
  • Judge the appropriate level of information provision for the meeting format;
  • Select technical experts with good communication (and ideally facilitation) skills;
  • Respond to the way in which discussions are developing and adjust the format and content of meetings to ensure the desired outcomes are met;
  • Include all members of the farm team when they are present;
  • Plan/prepare for meetings to ensure the objectives/purpose of the group are met;
  • Manage the dynamics within the farmer group

Training required for this Role

To be considered for a Facilitator role with the RMPP Action Network, you must be participating in the 12-month Facilitation and Extension Design Programme that includes the following workshops and activities.

Workshops (must be completed prior to submitting an Action Group Extension Plan):

Course 1 - Lead Facilitator 

Course 2 - Action Network Fundamentals & Extension Design

Follow-up (Adoption Support):


1. You will receive monthly emails with additional resources.

2. RMPP will provide facilitators with templates and resources including:

- Action Network Handbook

- Extension guidelines

- Facilitator Library (via B+LNZ Knowledge Hub) – tips, tools & further resources

3. Within 3 months you will need to complete an application story that reviews an event you have recently facilitated.

4. You will have a face to face observation visit (from RMPP) when facilitating an event within six months of attending Course 1.

5. You will need to submit an event summary with your invoice, following every third Group activity that is run.

6. You will need to provide feedback every six months when requested, via the RMPP Evaluator Tool (farmers will also be asked to do so).

7. 12-months post-Action Group establishment, you will participate in a 360 interview that includes your own reflections, feedback received from the farmers, experts who have been engaged in group activities and RMPP.

Note: No facilitator invoices will be paid until these steps have been completed.


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