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Background to RMPP Action Network

The Action Network was born out of the Extension Design project which started in October 2015 and ended July 2018. The main purpose of that project was to test a range of extension approaches on-farm to work out which are the most effective in supporting practice change in a real-world environment. 

It involved over 70 farm businesses and a range of rural professionals who helped RMPP evaluate these different approaches.

Armed with the knowledge RMPP gained from this project, an extension framework was developed and RMPP Action Network, based around small group peer to peer learning and support, was rolled out nationally to the red meat sector.  RMPP Action Network was available to farmers from December 2017 through until 31 March 2021.

What is Red Meat Profit Partnership

Red Meat Profit Partnership (RMPP) was a Primary Growth Partnership programme with the objective to help the red meat sector increase productivity and profitability. 

Funded by meat processors, banks, Beef and Lamb New Zealand and The Ministry for Primary Industries, RMPP worked with farmers and sector businesses to develop, test and introduce new ideas, new technology solutions and new ways of working.

For further background and evaluation reports check out the RMPP website.

RMPP Action Network Evaluation

RMPP Action Network Reports


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