Get Involved

There are a number of ways people can get involved in RMPP Action Network.  Below is some more detail about the ways people can actively participate and links to additional information.

As a Farm Business

New Zealand Sheep and Beef farmers are some of the most innovative in the world, constantly looking for new ways to do things.  However at times, having a bit of support to make sure the ideas are worth investing time and effort into would be helpful.  

Should I install that new farm management software?  What if I changed my ram breed?   What is the effect of putting in different crops for my bulls?  Is it worth the effort to body condition score all my ewes? Is soil testing the whole farm going to give me the payback I want in the long run?  

The list goes on…….

RMPP Action Network has been designed to help support you in making sure you have the confidence to put those ideas into action.

As a Connector

What does the role involve? 

The connector initiates an Action Group by bringing together individual farmers/farm businesses to form a group. Their job is to identify problems and opportunities in common across a range of farmers/farm businesses that they know, and to narrow this down to small groups of farm businesses with aligned problems/opportunities. 

A connector is usually someone who has a job that involves talking to farmers and hearing about what is happening on-farm and can understand where common interests among farmers may exist. 

As a Facilitator

What does the role involve

A facilitator is the key to helping an Action Group to form and work effectively together, and help farmers/farm businesses understand the complex decisions they are making. A facilitator enables an Action Group to then focus on their purpose/objective in order to oversee a programme of appropriately targeted extension activities. Facilitators may help identify the topics to focus on (both with the group and individual). 


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