How can a farm business connect?

There are three main ways a farm business can look to connect into RMPP Action Network.  Check out the main criteria and three options below.

Action Group criteria

1) An Action Group is to have between 7-9 farm businesses involved
2) A facilitator has to be trained through RMPP in order to facilitate an Action Group
3) The farm businesses involved must be a commercial entity contributing towards the production of red meat
4) To be eligible to become a Farm Business Participant, you must be committed to participating in an Action Group and to considering on-farm change.

A) Through a Rural Professional

You could get in touch with a local rural professional.  Check with them if they are involved in RMPP Action Network.   

If the answer is YES, they can connect you with other farm business who have similar topics they are interested in.  

If the answer is NO, you can register your interest with RMPP and we can help you connect.

Examples of Rural Professionals:

  • Beef + Lamb NZ representative
  • Farm Advisor/consultant
  • Meat Processor
  • Rural Bank Manager
  • Rural Accountant
  • Fertiliser Representative

    Note: A number of rural professionals are involved with RMPP Action Network and may be in touch with you directly.

    B) As an individual Farm Business

    Do you know of any other farm businesses who have similar topics of interest that might be interested in forming an Action Group?

    If the answer is YES, you can contact them and look to form an Action Group on your own. Once you have 7-9 farm businesses keen on forming an Action Group, the next step is to find a facilitator.

    If the answer is NO, you can get in touch with a a local rural professional (see option A) or register your interest with RMPP who can help you form a group.

    C) As an already formed discussion group

    If you are already involved in a discussion group, there are some questions you need to consider.

    1) Does my current group fit the criteria for an Action Group above? 

    2) Are there 7-9 farm businesses within my current discussion group who have similar topics of interest and would be keen to set up an Action Group?

    3) Do I stick with my current discussion group and look at connecting into RMPP Action Network with a new group of farmers who share similar topics of interest?

    These questions will determine whether you connect as an individual farm business (see option B) or can transition your current discussion group into RMPP Action Network.

    If you do have 7-9 farm businesses who are keen to connect, the next step is to find a facilitator.


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